My name is Sarah Jean. I'm a writer of words, a chaser of light and a reader of stories. I’m a work in progress living in the MidWest, passionate about encouraging women to keep moving forward, walking by faith. This is my story, my stumblings and His graces. On the blog you'll find bits of home, family, faith mixed with stories of marriage, relationships, encouragement, and insight from our journey #ottermeetsbear.

I live with my heart on my sleeve and words on the tip of my tongue. I'm a truth seeker, a hopeful encourager, an adventurer, striving to walk the path God has for me so others might experience His love, His mercy and His Grace. I'm His workmanship striving to walk in His work.


I've always been a writer, since the time I could hold a pencil I've been journaling my adventures. Eventually my words made their way to this space in the Fall of 2015. Ark in the Desert was born out of a place of longing, a place of hope and trust in the promises that God has given us. 

I'm a girl from humble beginnings, bare feet, green fields and Pygmy Goats. I prefer pancakes over waffles, sunrises over sunsets, flats over heels and a fork with my mac and cheese. I'm especially fond of hiking, acoustic music, county fairs, antiques, letters and Jesus.

I  married this handsome man several years ago, after ten+ years of friendship. We spent our younger years getting to know one another playing tag, Stratego and talking late into the night and married in our early twenties. B {my affectionate name for him} is my teammate, my encourager and my best friend. He's a warrior, justice seeker and fellow creative. We are co-adventurers on this journey fighting and failing each day to love and serve one another faithfully. Trusting and resting in His grace and His love.

About a year ago, we bought our own little home in a small town in the MidWest. We are walking out our adventure one step at a time in the everyday. We are praying and dreaming about our future trusting in Jesus to guide our next steps.

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