I am a sinner saved by grace, scandalously loved by a good and gracious God. I am a truth seeker and a hopeful encourager. Here you will discover more of my story and the story behind the blog.



Welcome friend, I'm Sarah.


I started this here blog in 2015 more or less on a whim. I felt called to write, because I was being led to words and encouraged to share. I didn't think much of it at the time. I just started researching how to start a blog and low and behold I stepped into this world.

Little by little this new world took shape and Ark in the Desert was formed. Words flowed out of my head onto this computer screen and published for the world to read. At first I thought maybe it was for you, the reader, that was why I was doing this here thing. But as time progressed I realized that the more I wrote the more the Lord brought me to himself. The truth I wrote opened my eyes and softened my heart. 

It's a passion of mine to write truth, to expose my life and heart for any and all to read and to encourage and build up those around me. We all live in this desert wasteland with the promise of rain. We stand longing for our thirst to be quenched, to be satisfied and made complete. But even in the midst of this desert land the Lord is moving, He is creating and forming; He is doing miraculous things.

I hope Ark in the Desert encourages you as much as it encourages me. The Lord uses strange things to bring us closer to himself and it is my prayer that He uses my murmurs to proclaim loudly His unconditional love and abounding grace. 


I am tied to pen and paper, with which I mostly write lists, so here's one of me:

1. I am an old soul. An old soul laying claim to my 20's. I'm learning to laugh at stupid things and allow the dishes to pile up.


2. Fall is my favorite season. I love the smell of fall, the vibrant colors of the leaves, the warm sunlight and the faint echo of summer. I love wool socks, flannel, boots and warm sweaters. 


3. I am married to my best friend B {the affectionate name I use for him on the blog}. We've been friends since we were 8. He is a justice seeker, a gifted leader and a wonderful encourager. We are life adventurers and take everything one step at a time.


4. I love the idea of tea. I haven't found one that I like yet but I am hopeful one day I will. It is a life goal of mine to one day enjoy a warm beverage out of a cute mug and finally order an appropriate drink at a coffee shop {because I don't like coffee or hot chocolate either.}


5. Music is one of my many passions. Words and song melted together in melody is absolutely the best ever. My husband is a brilliant musician. He is gifted in creating melodies and insanely playing guitar. Another life goal is to one day learn to fiddle {I have a lot of goals}.


6. I grew up on 12 acres with lots of animals! I have a thing for cows- nothing weird though. Our dream is to one day own a farmhouse of our very own on a spot of land and grow food and raise animals. The simple life. Currently we live in a  city with only a "class rabbit" to call our own.


7. I don't know yet what it means to be a wife. I'm still learning. I imagine it will be a life long process. I used to consider myself smart, and then I realized how much of the world I don't understand. I take the position of a life long learner in all things.


8. I was the "good girl" growing up. I went to church because that was what good girls did. My heart started to change sometime in my senior year of high school, about the same time I started dating my husband. I no longer call myself good.



8. I'm a kindergarten teacher {still new to it though}. It's an impossible job, but I am so blessed to work with such wonderful little people. I take it one day at a time. It is a HUGE responsibility to cultivate little minds but I know that with God ALL things are possible.


9. I used to be a perfectionist, now I'm recovering. I learned that life is too messy to sweat everything. I've been trying to adopt the 'go with the flow model.' Some days are better than others but life continues and God is still on His throne.


11. I am loved by Jesus and his love and grace is what awakens me every morning. I am a sinner saved by grace and this life I now live, I live by faith in the living God. I lean into him for strength and direction. He has plans for my life. I have the privilege of witnessing His marvelous work.



Genuine love is so contrary to human nature that its presence bears witness to an extraordinary power.
— John Piper

Our Story

{The beauty of our story lies its lineage.} 

A long time ago, in a town not far from here, I met my husband. We were 8 years old at the time, little tikes attending a 4-H meeting. {for those of you who don't know what 4-H is, it is kind of like the scouts with animals that we show at Fair.} B and I showed Pygmy Goats. They are one of the world's cutest animals! If you don't know what I'm talking about click the link. 

Anyway B and I became friends as little people. We often played tag after meetings and our families quickly became close. As we grew closer together, our families grew closer too.

Now before you think this is some kind of fairy tale, let me pop your bubble. B and I eventually hit high school as all people do. Our freshman year B asked me to his homecoming {we went to neighboring schools}. I didn't know anyone and the night was really awkward, definitely not a success. We stayed friends but it didn't blossom into anything more until we were seniors.

In our senior year of high school we started "talking" {the term most often used}. We spent many nights hanging out at each other's houses and getting to know one another. It wasn't long after that, that we became inseparable. 

The Lord truly blessed me with my best friend. Our friendship has grown exponentially since our first awkward dance and I cannot wait to see what it looks like when we are both old, gray and wrinkled. 

God had founded our relationship in the friendship of our youth and rendered a loving relationship built upon himself. We grew closer to each other as we grew closer to God and here we are, just a couple years later, newly married and still growing.



 Our first dance as HUSBAND & wife:    photo by  Eldreth Photography

Our first dance as HUSBAND & wife:    photo by Eldreth Photography


Words are a lens to focus one’s mind.
— Ayn Rand

*  *  *

{Just a few words on the meaning behind the title}

As my husband works, I sit here and write. As the sun awakens the still unbelieving world, I sit here and write. As the cars rumble along and the birds sing in the morning, I sit here and write. As my neighbors accomplish their daily goals and my house gathers dust and clutter, I sit here and write. My to do list screaming from the table, the pile of clothes mocking me in the laundry basket, the dishes taunting me from their stacks, I sit here and write.

I write from a messy place, a place of imperfections and hurt, a place of peace and wanting, a place of hunger and thirst, a place of knowing and questioning, a place of stillness and commotion, a place of love and selfish ambitions. I write from a place filled with contradictions as I stand on a hypocrites pedestal sharing my messy life.

I am but a sinner of the utmost, but in knowing I am free of losing myself. I ask for daily reminders to remember who I am, not in the light of humanity but in the light of eternity, in the face of God. In that light, the light of truth, I see myself for I know myself to be a wanderer far from the one calling me home. But there in the truth rings loud a proclamation, “it is finished” from the God man on a tree who has rescued me from my wandering soul in the desert lands.

He has instructed me to build an ark in the midst of this wasteland with plans of bringing me home. The now but not yet of the life I now live trips me as I stumble through this land. Fumbling to follow the instructions, to understand the design, to fully grasp the purpose.

I am but this ark in the desert, a promise of what is to come, a shadow of what has happened and a glimpse of what I am becoming. This ark marks me, changes my daily life as I wait, I wait, I wait for the coming of rain to fully wash me and restore this desert land.


*  *  *