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I'm glad you landed here. Here you will find more about me, Sarah Jean, the girl behind these words.

I grew up in a small town on twelve acres with a red barn full of animals, woods full of adventure, two supportive parents and big sis. I've worn bare feet and jeans for as long as I can remember and feel most comfortable at home. I met my now husband when I was 8 years old. We spent our younger years in 4H together and made our best memories at Fair. 


We tried out homecoming our freshman year of high school only to find it didn't fit us. Minutes into the first dance we called his parents to pick us up because it was too awkward. We continued on as friends, mainly because I was too independent to need a guy. He waited around, patiently and in the fall of our high school year I started to notice.

I was the good girl growing up. I was the one who could do it all and all with a smile. I worked hard to please everyone, earned straight A's, ran varsity track, led leadership conferences... all of my work led to a full ride to a good school. It paid off until I realized it wasn't enough. 


One question lingered in my mind from our first date our senior year of high school, "You know you need saved right?"

Need saved, why on Earth would I need saved? Saved from what? It was in that question that my years of Sunday School and Sunday Services, my years of having it all together and being the good girl failed me. If I believed the Bible and I believed in Jesus who came to save than I must need saved. If I indeed needed saved than that must mean that I can't do it. As the truth began to set in, I became more free, restraints and chains that had held me for years fell off. I was free to fail, free to not have it all together, free to live and stumble and move forward, for I indeed have been saved and am being made new.

We started officially dating right out of high school and in a year were engaged and ten months later were married. The timeline scared most people. Our family and friends stood against us with questions and accusations. In a time in our lives that was meant to be happy we were met with opposition and frustration. B proposed on my birthday, it was one of the happiest and saddest moments in my life. I had never felt so alone, so estranged from my parents, from my friends. We started out our journey together with just the two of us.


With threats of not coming to the wedding, questions of how we were gonna live and support ourselves while I was still in school and B had no job, uncertainties and concerns, our engagement was grim. Convicted for the first time in my life, without a shadow of a doubt, I knew that this is what God wanted, for us to marry in less than a year. With no answers for the valid questions and no clue how it was all gonna work out we stepped out in faith and God showed up.



Although our engagement was grim and filled with a lot of tears, harsh words, loneliness and uncertainty, our wedding was glorious. It was the picture of redemption. Through it, God showed me the beauty of His redeeming work, of His grace, of His faithfulness. 



Months into our marriage this here blog became real, birthed out of His handiwork. During our trials I leaned into Noah's story. He was a man who was mocked and ridiculed for walking in faith. How could anyone believe him? He was building an ark in the middle of the desert. He must of looked ridiculous to his friends and family too. He must have felt alone. His whole life changed the moment God spoke and told him to build the boat. Much like we felt when God spoke and told us to marry in a year. He must have felt the pain of a promise yet to come as he held on to faith, trusting and hoping in the words of God. 



B and I now live on the other side of that trail. Our relationships with our family and friends have mended by the grace of God. We've seen His hand in and through our lives as we've walked in faith. Countless times He's shown up carrying us through, marking our lives by His presence. We still live in this desert land, we are currently in a waiting season uncertain of what lies ahead but trusting in His mercy to continue to lead us to walk in faith no matter how ridiculous His plans may seem to the world. For He is the craftsman and we are His workmanship.


Welcome friend to a place of honesty, a place of hardship and immeasurable joy. I hope to be a place where hard comes to rest, where suffering and pain find comfort and peace. Where darkness is cast out by truth and loneliness finds no footing. I hope to be a place where truth rings louder than the lies inside of our head, a place where women gather to encourage and build up one another. A place where I can share my journey and God's work in my life, so that He might stir you to see His hand in yours. For we all walk by faith the question is, what are putting our faith in?