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And She Said Yes

Now I had felt for a long while that God wanted Sarah and I to get married earlier than most couples do. I can’t explain how, but I felt a strong conviction. I knew it with every bone in my body… God wanted us to get married in 2014. So I had to answer a question within my own soul before I could propose to Sarah.

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And He Got Down on One Knee

My dad says there are actually three sides to every story, what you remember, what they remember and what really happened.  For this story we are going to be looking at two of the sides, what I remember and what B remembers. Today is my side of things and tomorrow B will sharing his side!!  Without further adieu, our engagement:

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A Leap of Faith

We seemed crazy to the world, down right stupid. Young crazy, uncontrolled love. Our craziness attracted a lot of opposition. We had no answers, just reasons. We had no plan, just a conviction. We felt alone. At a time in our lives meant to be joyful, we felt distressed. When we were meant to feel hopeful, we felt hopeless. Our friends and family thought we were nuts and urged us to reconsider, to wait.

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