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The Wedding

I woke up to birds chirping from outside my window. The sun shown through the shades and spread warmth inside my bedroom. I awoke with anticipation of the day. This day that I had long been waiting for. It was finally here, today was my wedding day...

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The Rehearsal

We had had a count down going since we had gotten engaged. We started in the triple digits and slowly moved to the double digits but we were now finally in the single digits. I had begun packing for our honeymoon. We had gathered all of the decorations for the wedding and gone over the checklist hundreds of times. All that was left to do was to watch it all unfold.

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How It All Began

So B and I get asked all the time, “How long have you guys known each other?” I think it’s because we seem much older than we actually are or maybe because we look younger than we are, or because we are married. I don’t really know, but we get asked all the time.

Anyway, so when someone asks us, we tell them our story. So here you go. Grab a nice beverage and a blanket because it's story time. Sit back and enjoy!

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