15 Prayers Every Christian Should Pray

15 prayers every Christian should pray to help them grow closer to God.

I pray from a place of GREAT NEED. I pray from my messy life, crying out to my Father for the things I do not have, for strength, for faith, for love.


I pray from a place of thanksgiving. I pray with hands and heart uplifted praising my Savior who has done so much for me, who blesses me, who covers me, who satisfies me.


I pray from a place of sorrow and discomfort unable to form words, unable to see beyond the now of what I’m facing, the hurt, the pain.


I pray from many places with the same broken heart as I am a sinner saved by His mighty grace.

Free Prayer Cards!

Free Prayer Cards!


Growing up I prayed out of a different heart, one of obligation instead of longing. I prayed hollow words of little significance to check it off my list of “good things to do.”


I believed that through my “obedience and words” that God would be pleased with me as I dutifully prayed the words I was taught.


But then my heart was changed, my life was made new. The veil was torn and my heart exposed to see my great need and my great Savior.


From that heart my prayers flow out of. A continuous conversation, not obligation, with my Father.


I fall before the King of Heaven, the Creator of the Universe, the Maker of my Soul, the One who called me daughter and covered me in His grace and love. He, the sovereign King over everything who longs to sit with me, to walk with me, for me to know Him, I pray to Him. I sit before Him and speak, words and longings, groans of my soul.


It may come easy and natural or it may be an awkward practice. Wherever you’re at know He is with you.


I still have trouble, wanting desperately to check it off my to do list, but as God grows me, He shows me the importance of sitting before Him in prayer, of leaning into Him, of expecting of Him, of growing in Him.


He will do the same for you. Prayer is a powerful thing because it’s a way of entering into the presence of God, unarmed, exposed, raw and real, so that in His presence we would be transformed.


But it all comes out of a broken heart, of knowing our great need of him and seeking the One who prefects all things.


Oh how wonderful that we have been called, that we have been given the grace to speak and sit before Him. The One who supplies every need. The One who gives all things.

“If our earthly father loves us, how much more will our heavenly father?”


So here my friend, if you are at your end, if you feel you know not what to pray, if you are in need of words, here I give only what I have been given and am still asking for. Sit and stay. Expect. For He is listening and in His timing All things are given.


1.     Let me boast in what you have done for me NOT what I think I’ve done for you.

2.     Help me to see the fullness of my sin so that I might seek the fullness of your love, knowing you alone can save.

3.     Lord, my heart longs for control, I want only for me. Change my desires Lord so that my will would be yours. 

4.   Give my soul a mirror, that I might see who I really am, not who I believe myself to be.

5.   Give me the strength to resist unbelief.

6.     Teach me to surrender to your plans, instead of imposing my plans upon you.

7.     Teach me to see your glory in everything around me, and let me appreciate what you have made.

8.     Let me understand a little bit more of your love every day.

9.     Turn my sinful anger into empathy and understanding.

10. Turn my apathy towards sin into righteous anger.

11. Let my life show how much love you have for your people.

12. Let me live today, for today. Not worrying my soul, trying to control the world around me to a degree that is sinful.

13. Teach me to trust you, in every part of my life. Not just the parts that are convenient to me.

14. Let me know your true character, not be fooled by only seeing “what I want to see” in you.

15. Let my soul feel the depth of what you did for me on the cross, and in your resurrection.


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