21 Free Date Ideas

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We live in a world of “not yet” and “maybe someday.” Living on one income doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for extras.

But there is one extra that we WON'T do without. It may be budgeted differently depending on the month, but it is never left out.

Since the beginning of our marriage we have made dates a priority, time spent intentionally getting to know one another more, strengthen our friendship, kindling romance, having fun together.

Living on a tight budget makes it a little difficult at times but we have made it a habit to set aside money every month for dates, so money doesn’t get in the way.

I think this is vital to a healthy marriage. Life has a way of taking over, and mundane kicks in. Dishes, laundry, work, bills all pile up in between you and your spouse. It’s natural.

Which is why being intentional is so important, why dating your spouse is necessary. 

I believe you should make it a priority, a need instead of a want. Money doesn’t have to be an issue. We’ve found plenty of free dates to have fun together.


So here I’ve compiled some of our favorite “free” date ideas for others on a tight budget.


1.     The Big Screen: Courtesy of Your Local Library: Peruse the shelves of your local library, find something you like and take it back to the house.

2.     Adventure is Out There: Hike It: Find a new trail or park near your house, pack a picnic blanket and food, explore and relax.  

3.     Game Night: Check your closet for some stacked away games or consult your friends. If you are a competitive person and need to win, this may not be the best option for you.

4.     Explore History: Find a free museum in your area, or go on “free” night. Play I-Spy, make up stories about the paintings or people, or do a scavenger hunt or just read the plaques.

5.     The Mall: A great place to walk and gawk. You can window shop, look for good deals on sale racks, get some coffee or just people watch. Don’t attempt if you can’t resist.

6.     Paint Night “In”: All you need are canvases {paper can be used} and paint, look up a picture online and make your best replica, or try your hand at a portrait and paint your spouse.

7.     House Fort: Camp out in your living room by creating a fort made of blankets and pillows. Tell stories, watch a movie or just enjoy the small space together.

8.     20 Questions: Light a candle, grab a blanket and ask 20 questions to get to know your spouse better {we have a resource}

9.     On the Road Again: Go on a drive. Head farther than you’ve ever gone before and explore new places.

10. Seasonal Festivals: Check to see what’s going on in your town or a town near you.

11.  Crazy Sex Night {for the married friends}: Sex is free and fun. Have a night of intimacy with your spouse. Enjoy one another.

12. Do You Want to Build A Sandcastle?: Build the best sandcastle at the nearest beach, or build two sandcastles and have vote for them. If snowing, use snow instead of sand.

13. Dinner In: Get dressed up, make a fancy dinner, light some candles and enjoy a night in.

14.  Stripping Games {for the married friends}: Battleship, Chess, Poker, Pool, raise the stakes and get naked. If you’re not married, do the opposite: the loser of each turn/round has to put on another layer of clothes. The game would end when one person can no longer move due to the excessive amount of clothing on their body.

15.     Coolest Band Name: Create a really cool imaginary band and come up with an awesome band name.

16.     Write A Book: Make it fun, compete against each other for the best book, write it by alternating lines, use only words that start with the letters in your name etc.

17.     Dance in the Rain: Or in the kitchen, put some music on, sway together in circles. Or jump in puddles.

18.     Truth or Dare: Make the rules and play by them. Discover untold secrets.

19.      Get Lost: Get lost purposefully and see if you can find your way home.

20.     Make Up A Game {Card/Dice/Word Game}: Create the rules, play the game.

21.     Walk Down Memory Lane: Visit all of the places that mark your story {i.e. first met, first date, first kiss, first “I Love You” etc.}

I hope this sparked some good ideas of your own, or that you can use one of ours. Just remember to have fun and be intentional. Your spouse is a gift. 

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Hi, I’m Sarah.

I’m a midwestern girl who has come to realize the freedom in not being the author of my story. I love a good plain t-shirt, pizza, snuggling with my dog and hanging out with my husband. My mission? To speak truth and grace to help encourage other women to know they are never alone.


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