6 Truths Every Woman Should Know


Dear Daughter,

I see you staring at yourself in the mirror. I hear the words you speak to yourself. Words of criticism, words of lust, of longing to be different.

I see you striving to be the best in all areas of your life, continually working to fix, to make better, longing to rise above the ranks and achieve value.

I see you overworked, under appreciated, the seams of your outer warring thin, the fear of loosing control, of being left, longing to hold on.

I see you longing to be wanted, to feel loved and cherished, searching for someone to hold you, to comfort you, to encourage you.

I see you in the darkest of hours, all alone, far from those around you, desperately longing for someone to notice, for someone to enter in, to feel like you matter.

I see you stunned by the words that flew out of your mouth, words of pain, words of anger, words of disdain. I hear the pleas of your heart, the longing to be different.

I see you as you mark your worth, comparing your marriage to those around you, seeing only what is being offered and despairing that yours is not as fun, as fulfilling, as loving, longing it was different.

I see you as you line up your children next to those of your neighbors, seeking to find out where you went wrong, why they act this way or that, feeling fault for their lack, longing they were different.

I see the tears rolling down your face as your emotions collide, feelings of anger, of desperation, of confusion, of discomfort, longing for it to be over.

I see all of you and I am not ashamed, you are my daughter and I love you.

I do not regret saving you, I do not regret adopting you, you are mine and I will never leave you.

Daughter you are beautiful. I formed you, I named you, I created you and breathed life into you. You are not a mistake, you were planned to do good things for me.

Daughter you are not in control. I know all the hairs on your heard and the days in your life, you have nothing to fear. I will provide for you, I will not leave you, you cannot loose what I have given you. Rest in me.

Daughter I want you, that is why I made you, why I called you mine. I am here to comfort you, I am hear to hold you, I am here to love you and encourage you like no man can because I am your Father. Believe me and run to my love.

Daughter you are never alone. I will never leave you nor forsake you. I notice you, I have entered in. I came into this world so I could feel what you feel. Fear not, for I have overcome the world.

Daughter I know you are sinner. I see the darkest depths of your heart and I am not shaken. I died for you, I paid for your sin, so that my blood could wash you clean. I took your shame and nailed it to the cross. I know, and I still love, nothing is greater than me.

Daughter there is always hope. I make all things new as I have done with you. Hope is not lost. Hope in me. Lean on me. When trials come your way I will uphold you.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


Your Father

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