The Truth About Valentine's Day

Why Valentine's Day Won't Last

It is around this time that many people choose to reflect on love. A holiday created by Hallmark has become a tradition in many households to spend intentional time with their loved ones.

For those that are single, February is a reminder, a pointed finger, as red hearts are shoved on shelves in between teddy bears and chocolates. 

Genuine Love

Although I am participant in this February holiday, I am not a huge supporter. You won't see any red wrapping in our trash, or cheesy cards hanging on our walls.

Mainly because I believe Valentine's Day promotes and celebrates something very different than what we believe.

I am sickened by the amount of cheap gifts that load the store shelves and extra jewelry commercials that plague the TV. The lie that is being spread is that these gifts will satisfy, that they will bring you happiness, and they won’t.

Love CANNOT be bought with gimmicks and gadgets. Though some may appreciate the sparkle of a nice ring or the softness of a bear, its value has an expiration date. It’s only good for so long

Valentine's Day is like a kiddy pool, if you stay in it too long, the water will eventually dry up. It doesn't last.

Love, genuine love is deeper. It’s something more than red and fluff. You won’t see it on TV, nor will you be able to buy it in any store. It’s not talked about on Valentine’s Day nor widely celebrated.


Love, genuine love does not take the shape of a heart, but of a cross.


A rugged cross found on a hill. An instrument of torture turned into a symbol of love. Jesus, God’s only son, sent to die for those who did not love him, did not know him.

Jesus Not Cupid

This we celebrate. The true giver of love is not cupid, it’s not you even, it’s Him, Jesus. He is the author of our hearts, the one who teaches us how to love and love deeply, abundantly.

It is through the cross that we are able to understand what it means to love.

Jesus gave up his life to save us even when we did not care to be saved. As enemies of God he came and took upon himself all the wrong that we have done, so that our relationship with God could be reconciled.

Through him, we are forgiven our stains and our ugly has been washed away, so we no longer feel shame, so we no longer have to walk in darkness.

That is love. To give up oneself when the other least deserves it. To forgive when the unforgivable has happened. To humble yourself, knowing you are not better. To rejoice only in the truth, instead of yourself.

Genuine love bears all things. It cannot be broken. It is the only thing worth standing on, surrounding yourself with.

In it, you are safe, you will be satisfied. Life, joy, is given abundantly.  

Original Photo by  Daria

Original Photo by Daria


That love is what we celebrate, nothing of our own making, only that which has been lavished upon us, which we give to one another.

On Valentine’s Day we choose to remember red blood instead of red chocolates, a cross instead of hearts. Love that cannot be mustered, only given when received.

I pray that you too would remember the truth this Valentines Day and celebrate the love that has been lavished upon you.


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