How To Grow Closer To Christ

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WARNING, what you are about to read is written from a Christian who DOES NOT have it all together.


I cannot prescribe you the cure to what ails you.


Most likely you clicked on this post hoping for a cure, for a full-proof way to fix what you feel is broken or lacking. Maybe you clicked on this post just hoping for encouragement or because you were looking for some answers.


Well I can’t solve your problem, I have no solution but I know the ONE who does.


You see the problem with the entire world, the problem with you, the problem with me is that we were created to be in communion with God.


We were created to walk alongside Him and instead we run from Him, we ignore Him, we’ve grown callus to Him pursuing us, we’ve grown bitter to His presence or worse indifferent.


We were made to know the Lord. We were made to walk with him.


And yet it’s impossible. WE CAN'T do it because our relationship with Him has been broken.

Everyone wants to know how they can get closer, what they need to do to grow closer to God, but let me just say this, YOU can’t.


It sounds hopeless but I promise it’s not. It might just be the most freeing thing you’ve heard.


We try so hard to right our relationship with the Lord. We offer sacrifices, good works, time, money and talents but none of that is accepted. God is NOT looking for us to give Him something. You NEED to know this.


You see we live in a broken world and the biggest issue as said earlier is our broken relationship with God and we can’t right that. We have no power to fix what has been broken.

That’s the whole reason Jesus came. He came because we could not fix what was broken. He died for our sins so that HE could restore our relationship with God. HE redeemed us so that we could enter into His presence.


HE has always done the work of restoring, of drawing near. HE isn’t waiting on you to do anything. You don’t need to do anything, if you are a Christian than He is near.

John 10:10
Want to know how you can grow closer to Christ?


But in saving us, in calling us His children, in changing our hearts and making us new HE has awoken inside of us a longing to know HIM. He has stirred our once hard heart for Him.


Now as a child of God we long to draw nearer, to know more, to have more of HIM.


But this side of eternity is messy. Our relationship with God has been restored but we ourselves have not been fully made new. We still drift, we still sin, we still stumble.


As we walk with God now on this side we walk imperfectly as children learning to walk again with our Creator.


So friend, stumbling is ok, it’s expected. We all do it. Don’t expect perfection. This relationship you’ve entered into is messy but beautiful.


For although you may fall and fail Jesus never leaves you, although you may stumble and stray God does not change.


His love for you is constant. He is always faithful. He is long suffering and never once pushes away.


So read your Bible don’t read your Bible. Pray don’t pray. Listen to sermons, don’t listen to sermons. God will not change. His affection for you will not waver one ounce.


But friend, there is more to be had. The Lord longs for you to delight in Him. He wants you to know Him as good, because all good and perfect gifts come from Him.

He is far better than anything you choose to fill yourself with here. His bread satisfies the soul, it will feed your deepest longings, quiet your loudest fears and comfort you when all else fails.


He is good and in Him is abundance but you must let go.


Christian stop trying to control Him, stop trying to please Him. He longs for you, like a father longs for his child to sit with Him, to explore the depths of His love for you.


He does not want you to check off your scripture for the day or memorize His word and never know His heart.


It’s not about what YOU DO, but about WHO HE IS & WHAT HE HAS DONE FOR YOU.


A good Bible plan, a weekly community group, great church attendance will not draw you near Him. He is after your heart not your schedule. Seek His heart and there you will find abundant life.


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