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Is God Good?

I spoke it softly, firmly questioning it with every fiber of my being. I spoke it to the four walls of my bedroom, my pillow, to the kitchen sink and to the couch, my home filling with doubt, insecurity, anger and bitterness. My answer was no, a resounding no. No God is not good, at least not to me.

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My Story of Salvation

My church story began long before I was born. It has a lineage of Lutherans, tied together by blood, mother to daughter. I was born into that history; a lifetime of hymns and pews, Gospel readings and acolytes. Shortly after my birth, I officially became a member, welcomed into an existing family, a community of people strung together by Sundays. I was dressed in white and sprinkled with my mother and father, godparents and congregation welcoming me in.

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The Faithful Among the Faithless

The book of Judges is not a popular book read from the pulpit or at home. It's a book of betrayal, faithlessness, idolatry, sin, and pain. It's a dark time for the Israelites. They are not far removed from Egypt where their ancestors were enslaved to Pharaoh, witnessed the miracles of the plagues and the red sea, the scribing of the commandments, bread from Heaven in the desert, and conquered cities...

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