The Beauty in the Mundane

Why dishes having greater meaning and cleaning is glorious. Why work is beautiful and routine is ok. Beauty can be found in the mundane.

I go about my days cheaply as they have become mundane and monotonous. What purpose do dishes and clothes, little hands and bills have in the greater story at play?

Mundane has set in as life becomes routine, predictable and deprived of any special meaning.


I feel insignificant, another mark on the wall.

Who am I to God?


I cry out in my lonely, separated from those who do life around me by the walls that have built up between us.


I’m not expectant of an answer. I’ve grown accustomed to the silence that has become my life.




I ponder as I retrace my steps of yesterday driving to work, cooking, cleaning, working.


It’s easy to get lost as we stare down, forever gazing at our naval. Life doesn’t make sense at this angle. The pieces and parts don’t go together when all you see is one piece and one part.


We were made to

look up.


It is only by an upward gaze that we find our meaning and significance. It does not come from things around us or inside us but from One over us.

The Chief End of Man


The One who made all things, who made you.


Even in monotony He is King. Even when routine has become the backdrop of your life He reigns.


Jesus is still big in our small moments and it is for that purpose that we have been made; to look up.



“The chief end of man is to glory God by enjoying Him.” 


We were made for Him to bring Him glory by experiencing Him, by drawing near to Him, by acknowledging Him and adoring Him.


It is a life’s work to draw near to God. His vastness ensures that we will not know the depths of Him in this life, but it is a promise that He gives that He is with us even in the mundane.


Monotony does not drive Him away.


He is with you and longs to be known by you, for you to know Him. He enjoys your dialogue with Him, He enjoys your inquiry, your restlessness, your exploration because it was for that purpose that you were made.


It brings God glory when you sit before Him and gaze towards Him because your posture proclaims truth, His worthiness, His greatness, His Holiness.


God deserves to be adored because He is worthy. Mundane does not cast a shadow on His beauty.

So naval gazer, look up. See the One who made you, who named you and who seeks you.


He is good and creates beauty even in the mundane of your life. Remember who you are daughter and who is over you. Look up.


{A R K I N T H E D E S E R T}



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