The Secret to Slowing Life Down

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I was told in high school that days are long but years are short. It didn’t register then I had limited context with which to plug it intobut now I see the truth in those words.


Some days feel like eternitythey stretch on forever with no end in sight. Weeks can feel the same too, but years fly by. The next time you look up, take a breath, two have gone.




I believe one reason for this is that we as humans wish our life away.


How many times have our eyes been fixed on future things instead of present ones? Our eyes are always looking ahead to what is coming next. The next big promotion, our wedding, kids, a new house, retirement, vacationyou name it.


We’ve placed all of these mile-markers in our life, years ahead of where we are and we look to them instead of enjoying where we are now.


I believe the root cause of our life flying by is dissatisfaction. We are dissatisfied with now, with here, with the everyday groans and pains of life lived in the present.


You see most of us live life passively. I’m guilty of it. I go about my days meandering through without notice, without thought, just trying to make it to the next thing.


I wake up, I get ready for work, eat breakfast, drive to work, have lunch, work some more, come home, eat dinner, sleep and repeat. I do it five days a week, always looking forward to the weekend, where my “life is lived.” I continue till the next big thing. I work so I can retire, so that someday, one day, I will enjoy life.


As I meander through LIFE, looking ahead, I lose sight of the present. it slips away and with it, all of the “little things" that make life so great.


All of the things that make life, life.


You see, the lie that we believe is that life will be better in the future. We believe there is some magic cure that when I get this amount of money, when we move here, when this thing is no longer an issue that life will be better, but it never is.



Life is always the same. We were never promised easy or perfect yet we hold that expectation and place it on the future.

There will always be something to hold us back, to keep our gaze ahead if that is where we are looking. There will always be something to complain about, bother us, weigh on us and build within us dissatisfaction if that is what we are seeking.


Yes, life can be disappointing. Life can be hard but believing the lie and playing the game of one day, hoping that that day will come and give satisfaction will bring no victory. Banking on a lie will not satisfy our deepest desire.


It will not help us to live more fully.


You see, we have limited control of this here life. More limited then even I would like to admit. Money, success, life, death, it’s all out of our hands.


Life happenswe merely react.


Unfortunately for most of us we’ve been caught up in society’s lie. The current of one day has pushed us farther down the river then expected and still nothing has been found. Life has just passed us by.


The secret to living our life, to slowing it down is to seek out the little things, the things that make life so great.


Morning light through curtain covered windows.
Bird’s song sung from morning dew.

Belly laughter and joy filled tears.

Soft skin and warm covers.


We’ve been blessed with little gifts. Little moments in the everyday that seemingly don’t exist if your gaze is forever forward.


These little things need noticed, they need named or they dissipate in the current of life, never to be relived.


Moments pass everyday but are marked insignificant because they are neither milestone nor marker. But friend, I tell you they are of greater importance.


The truth is, "the now" is the only place we live.


Here in this moment there is joy to be found, there is life to be lived and there are little things to be discovered.


Let our gaze return to the present, to the now, and fervently seek the little things—the life lived unnoticed. 


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