The Truth Every Christian Blogger Needs to Remember

The truth every Christian blogger needs to remember. The truth I need to remember.

I have been called to write words, to encourage, to speak His truth. He has equipped me, He has sent me. He has given me the words, it is through His grace that I am who I am and yet I worry.


Am I posting enough?

Does this picture look good enough?

How can I grow my email list?

How can I make money?

How do I get more done?

Why is it not growing?

Does anyone read this?


Worries, doubts, fears, concerns plague my mind and I forget the why and what of this thing I do.


I have been called.


Simple yet profound, and just like with Jesus I find myself wandering from it.


It’s not about the numbers. It’s not about the popularity of my site, nor the aesthetic appeal of my pictures. It’s not about having the coolest blog, or even making money {though I admit it would be nice}.


No at the end of the day, the thing I have to keep reminding myself is that it’s not about me.


It’s about Him.


It’s always about Him.


The reason I blog is not to make much of me, it’s not build a readership, or go viral. It’s about praising the One who gave me the words to speak, the One who knit me together in my mother, the One who called me out of darkness and clothed me in His righteousness.


The why of why I blog, is to give Him glory, to encourage His children.


The what of what I blog is His truth, the things He reveals in my life, the lies He calls out, the way He walks with me and guides me.

What Christian Bloggers Need To Remember

I don’t blog to become famous, I don’t blog to make money. I blog first and foremost to make much of Him. I don’t have to worry about the rest. He has a plan. He is in control and He will use the words I write to do His will—not mine.

If only I could remember this the next time I go to look at my analytics, to check to see if I’ve gained any readers.

It’s not about the numbers.

At the end of the day, if this whole blog, if all my work and effort amounts to ONE PERSON, one person instead of thousands, one person who from my words comes to know Christ, then I shall count it all joy and continue to praise the One who deserves all praise.

Remember why you blog. Feel encouraged, you’re doing great work, for we have a great God who is working through you.

{A R K I N T H E D E S E R T}



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