You Are Free to Fail {A Letter To Myself}

You are free to fail.


You are free to not meet the expectations you hold for yourself. LET THEM GO. You don’t have to be perfect, in fact you can’t and that’s ok.


You won’t be loved any less. It will not make you less beautiful or less important.


It’s ok if you don’t make it, if you never get there, if that thing never happens. Dreams are great to have but they don't define you. They don't make you. It's the journey right, not the destination.


Truthfully it doesn’t matter. That thing that you are after, that you are working so hard to get will not fulfill you like you think it will.


The emptiness you feel, the fear that chokes you will not disappear when you reach that mark. It will still remain, it will linger on long after you have “succeeded.”


Your success cannot hold you, a person cannot fill what you are lacking. Numbers, likes, shares, comments, money are all fleeting anyway.


Why try so hard to obtain them?  |  What do you want out of life?


You are free to fail.


It doesn’t matter; these THINGS don’t matter. They have NO significance in the grand scheme of things. Look at the bigger picture.

Don’t get lost in the mess of life. Don’t get swept up in the current of lies, the torrent of emptiness that others allow themselves to sink in to.


You my dear are more precious than gold. You my dear are worth more than a thousand diamonds. You are more beautiful than flowers and more important than even the most successful, popular person.


But it has NOTHING to do with you. It has nothing to do with your character, it has nothing to do with your beauty, it has nothing to do with the actions you’ve committed or the success you have had.


Let go.


You my dear are all of these things by association because you have been bought, brought into a new life, promised into a new kingdom where truth is the banner flown, not the lies that you choose to believe.


This is WHY you are free to fail because you are no longer identified by what you can and cannot do. You are no longer measured by your success. You are no longer associated with things of this world, but with Him.


You are free to fail because He has already won.

You are free to fail because you do not have the last word.

You are free to fail because you are not in control.

You are free to fail because it’s not about you but about Him.



Fail. Succeed. Win. Loose. It doesn’t matter, just don’t forget whose you are and whom you belong to. This world has no name stronger than the one you have been given. Daughter. Redeemed. Spotless. Chosen. Loved. Beloved.


You are free to fail because He has have already won.


I’m Sarah Jean, a midwestern girl just writing about my walk in faith. I love pizza, dog snuggles and my husband B. I want to encourage other women to know that they are never alone.