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My Journey of Body Image Issues

For as long as I can remember I’ve struggled with body image. It wasn’t a struggle on the scale as much as a struggle with the image in the mirror. I felt the expectations from my family to look a certain way not because they wanted me to look different but rather they told me what I was and I didn’t agree.

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The Call To Be Perfect

I feel it when I look in the mirror at my unclothed self, when I try on jeans, put on make-up. I hear it when the dishes pile up and the house is cluttered. It weighs on me when I don’t fit in, when I feel left out, or don’t understand. It mocks me from my to do list and silently chokes me as anxieties take me from the present only giving me worries...

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Why Hope is Never Lost

I am at that place again where I feel forgotten, where words combat words, where unknowns stretch out forever, where life seems hopeless. It’s a revolving door; life is made of hills and valleys. But mountain top experiences are long forgotten when the cold of dark places takes over. Hope seems easily lost...

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