Hello friend.

Welcome to this little oasis, a source of water and life to quench your thirst. I don't claim to be anything that I'm not. I'm not the answer. I'm not the source. I'm a mere vessel moved to write; a blank canvas with which our Maker has chosen to draw on.

I'm blessed, beloved and beautiful--though most days I fail to believe it.

I write to remember. I write to proclaim the truths that so easily slip through my grasp. I write to share, raw stories of real life--messy, untidy. I write to encourage, to proclaim the greatest of all truths  >> you are never alone <<

I'm here and here I shall remain by the grace of God.


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Yep free. No gimmicks, no shenanigans, no spam and no junk. I'm not into that.

I just want to be friends and encourage you the best I know how; truth.

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Let me show you around a bit.

I like when words flow through my fingers forming ideas I had not yet even thought; my life as a writer. I write about nearly everything with truth sprinkled in, truths laid on my heart, stories needed to be shared; life. 

I try to make it easy for you. Under THE BLOG section you will find three categories:


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